05 September 2014

Already miss my baby

On traveling for a month from next week, I feel like I already miss my baby girl. 

Never being apart for so long. Giving her more hugs and kisses everyday. 

21 December 2012

Greetings from Finland & Canada

We received more Christmas greetings in these 2 days.
This is from Aussie's friend Finnegan and his Mom.

and this is from Aussie's cousin Norris, Cola and their Mommy.
 we are so blessed to have many friends in the world! love you all!

18 December 2012

Christmas present from UK

Mommy and I got a package from Ms San today!
  present from UK
 what a cool card, it's a wheaten!
  present from UK
 And a cool tea cloth!
  present from UK
 Me showing the tea cloth. present from UK

26 November 2010